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What is a PPC Audit?

A Pay Per Click (PPC) Audit is a process for evaluating your Google Ads account in many areas such as Account Set-up, Campaign Settings, Negative Keywords, Ads, Conversion Tracking and more.

If you’re having Google Ads performance issues, it’s a good time to audit your account. It’s also a good idea to audit a Google Ads account if the same person or team have managed it for a long time.

A PPC audit should give you better insight into your Google Ads account, Campaigns, Ad Groups, Ad Copy, Keywords, and conversions. It is a great way to improve performance, stop wasting your ad budget and to increase your conversions.

Benefits of Google Ads Review & Pay Per Click Audit


Google Ads account organization analysis to improve performance


Keyword & Match-Type analysis to improve the click-through rate


Google Ads account management practices analysis to increase conversions

  Ad Copy & Ad Extension analysis to improve relevancy and reduce your cost per click

Last year, we saw numerous changes in Pay Per Click Marketing. These trends will continue to enhance capabilities with audiences and automation. Let’s get your Google Ads account ready to take advantage of new opportunities. The Google Ads Audit is an investment in the success of your campaigns and improves business growth for the future. Get started today with a Free No-obligation PPC Audit.

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